Digital Transformation Trends

Digital Transformation Trends

#Tech Label July 20th, 2020

Digital transformation is a trend that is starting to kick into high gear in the past few years. Because of the fast-developing technologies, it is inevitable for people of different fields to acquire them and implement to enhance their services. The technologies and tools that are available add up to the process.

Integration of digital technologies in different companies opens up many opportunities that include small ones to the large enterprises, also its usage in culture, government system, mass media, education, health care and e-commerce etc. It also helps with the workflow and gives an organization a chance to deliver high-quality services to the customers in a faster way.


Digital transformation trends in iGaming

The iGaming market is moving fast and is extremely diverse. The spoilt players are no longer satisfied with the same technologies and continuously crave for more. Therefore, the game creators and software developers have to invent and implement new technologies so that the players may stay.

Trends of iGaming

Virtual reality

VR technology offers a unique opportunity for the players to become part of the game. Though it is still a little on the expensive side for the regular players, the gamers will likely purchase VR tools for their personal use. Many online casinos and software developers implement this technology.


Mobile gaming

With high-resolution screens and 5G networks on smartphones, mobile gaming has become one of the leading tendencies in gaming. Due to high speed, mobile payments and high quality of devices, the players can now enjoy their favourite games anywhere, as the future is after mobile gaming, so more investors and developers are setting an eye on it.


Cloud-based technologies

The cloud-based technology is not that popular among the players as the data is sent to the cloud servers, while the audio and video are received at the same time. This technology has issues regarding limited bandwidth and short-latency. Therefore, Google, Microsoft and EA are already working on the cloud-based solutions for this industry, so significant shifts are expected soon.


Artificial intelligence

With AI, it is quite possible to collect and process data much faster. All the processes are held in real-time, and this contributes significantly to a positive gaming experience. For iGaming, artificial intelligence has become extremely promising because it allows making suggestions which games to play and how one can customize them.


Big data

Big data is a large volume of information that is circulating online. In iGaming, it is used to store and collect information on in-game activities, player’s preferences and also interaction among different participants. Big data also helps to find and distinguish the key elements to ensure proper software usage.


Benefits of digital transformation trends in iGaming

Winning customer experience

Data plays an increasingly important role in delivering an excellent customer experience. For online gaming, ensuring that international customers get a choice to pay in their currency is very important. Different online gambling sites and casinos are beginning to avail themselves of encryption and tokenization technologies to offer a winning customer experience.


Introduction of virtual reality software

The iGaming industry transforms over time, and new forms of technology promise to change the gaming experience. The introduction of virtual reality software has enabled the players to become wholly immersed with a casino experience and also remaining in the comfort of their homes. 


Increase in the use of mobile platforms

Beyond virtual reality, we also see that the gaming industry is exploring the increase in the use of mobile platforms. We have also seen the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to meet the requirements of evolving customers. 


Enhancing the connection between players

Advanced technology has also managed to enhance connections between the players, devices and even the land-based casinos. This has resulted in more cross-platform games, and thus creating higher levels of engagement and increased revenue opportunities.


The success story of digital transformation trends in iGaming

Vela Games are a game development studio that is based in Dublin, Ireland, and their team includes different veterans and gaming fans. Vela Games was created out of a desire to build quality, fun and engaging games for the multiplayer, and in quite a short period of time, they have gathered a lot of success. They have shown innovation, determination and attitude that is required to make it in this particular industry. In addition to slots, they are involved in live dealer games, table and casino games as well. Their titles feature on some big online casinos in the industry.


Digital transformation trends in healthcare

Healthcare is one of the areas where digital transformation can produce the most noticeable and significant impact. We are on the way to see the smart hospitals where robots will work with the doctors, and intelligent devices and software solutions will monitor health.


The evolution of telemedicine is one of the most significant transformations in the healthcare market. Many innovative solutions are transforming how patients interact with healthcare professionals. From looking for a doctor to scheduling a virtual appointment and communicating via video and voice call, the telemedicine solutions have enabled access of the people to the health professionals on demand.


Using big data in healthcare

Big data transform the way we analyze, leverage and manage data in every industry. One of the promising industries is healthcare, where it can be implemented to avoid preventable diseases, reduce treatment costs, enhance the quality of life and forecast outbreaks of any epidemics.


Virtual reality

Virtual reality is the most remarkable feature of digital transformation in healthcare. Its myriad of applications is changing how the patients are being treated. VR is a mighty communication channel that allows you to get a better sense of the requirements of the patient and virtually engage them with your products or services.


Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence helps to simplify the lives of doctors, patients and the hospital staff by doing different tasks that are generally done by humans in significantly less time and a fraction of cost. AI is able to reinvent and revitalize modern healthcare through machines that are predicted, comprehend, learn and act.



Blockchain is a technology that will soon be playing an instrumental role to keep the electronic health records safe and accurate. It is a digital ledger or a computerized database of transactions. The pharmaceutical and healthcare industries are already vouching for the efficiency of blockchain by investing millions in this market. 


Benefits of digital transformation trends in healthcare

Increased efficiency

The routine appointments with doctors become more informative if these are armed with data about patients gathered from different gadgets like mobile phones, wearable devices, smartphone sensors and electronic health records. The doctor is able to have a complete picture of the patient’s condition, and therefore an assigned therapy will be more efficient and will take less time.


Eliminated mistakes

Unfortunately, errors in critical situations sometimes do occur because of the human factor. Computer and different gadgets are able to eliminate any human mistakes in other areas of the medical system. They perform health condition monitoring, data analysis, abnormality alerting and also virtual appliance management to promote accuracy and ensure procedural adherence at all the levels.


Reduced costs

The automation of medical system leads to significant cost reduction of administration, equipment and maintenance. It also helps to save time as human participation, and manual work is minimized.


Better communication possibilities

There are enormous opportunities provided by wireless communication tools and online video conferences for timely consultations, experience sharing or assisting with advanced procedures. This means that there will be less stressful working conditions, higher trust between the staff and patients and better relationships.

The success story of digital transformation trends in healthcare

Cure Forward is a US-based healthcare company that helps the patients to find trial labs to match their genetic mutation. Cure Forward also allows the patients to retrieve information about their disease and get support and advice from cancer survivors. Now Cure Forward has matured into an established and research-driven business. This company is focused on a specific healthcare industry segment and has created top-quality service to satisfy the demands of its users. It has dedicated a lot of effort to research and data analysis to maximize the profile matching rate.


Digital transformation trends in e-commerce

Digital transformation has become imperative for almost all businesses. The message is loud and clear from every keynote, article, panel discussion or a study of how a company can remain relevant and competitive as the world is becoming increasingly digital.

Augmented reality

Shortly, offering an augmented experience inside the internet browser will become a significant trend for retailers. Augmented reality will help the retailers keep more of their sales revenues. Also, different technological advancements like will make AR experiences very much achievable for retail companies.


Shortening delivery times

The consumers have started to shop at the speed of digital transformation, and they expect their products to be delivered quickly. The retailers who can’t manage to offer expedited delivery options might see their shopping cart abandonment. This is the reason why most experts predict that third-party logistics companies will help small retailers expand their quick delivery services.


Hyper personalization

Consumers have become smart and want to receive relevant, tailor-made and matching their particular interests offers. They drop hints at what items they like, and how they want to pay for them. Personalization trend will grow as businesses leverage the power of machine learning to get personal data and personalized experiences. 


Social shopping

Social shopping is a seamless experience of digital transformation. More retailers are turning towards technologies are social shopping and visual search as they are capable of facilitating the journey down the sales funnel like no other tool. The retailers are going to create more omnichannel experiences in the future and make use of social media to engage customers.


A mix of virtual and reality

In the coming future, we will be able to see an increased confusion of digital and virtual reality, especially in retail. We will be able to see smaller stores trying to work to compete against the giants. If the new technologies and strategies are used effectively, it will be enough for small retailers to win a more significant piece of retail pie and e-commerce pie.


Benefits of digital transformation trends in e-commerce

Smooth operations

When modern tools are implemented based on cloud technologies, retailers are able to improve their operations internally and externally. The cloud-based tools help the employees to reduce the time that is spent on manual tasks. The companies can also benefit from the tools to improve customer support.


Easier connections with customers

With the help of digital transformation solutions, the retailers can easily communicate with their customers by using various contact channels, i.e. social media, websites, mobile apps and chatbots. These new channels open up different opportunities for sharing promotions, engagement and boosting customer loyalty.



With the help of artificial intelligence, the customers are able to shop in entirely new ways. The internal process automation can enhance both employee and customer experience. The retailers can use digital transformation tools to sell the products, on physical stories and various other channels.


Better customer experience

The core goal of digital transformation is to impact customer experience positively. Digital tools help the employees to be more efficient, more productive and do quick service. This way, the consumers will be able to get a high-quality service, and it becomes far more pleasant for them to make a purchase.


The success story of digital transformation trends for e-commerce

H&M is a Swedish mass-market brand of fashion clothes and accessories that is popular all around the world. H&M was able to dramatically change their strategy as they started experimenting with mobile technologies and started looking for different ways to improve the virtual experience of finding, trying on and purchasing clothes. Another initiative H&M took is the Perfect Fit app, a feature that helps the users to create their own digital avatar, and this avatar can be used to try on clothes while shopping online. The change in the strategy of H&M has paid off, and online sales went up by 30% for integrating online and the store.


Digital transformation trends in education

Digital transformation in education is a disruptive force for different years, and the progress of such conversion has been slow in recent years. The digital trends in education are reformulating how the students learn through the adoption of mobile technology, tablets and other connected devices. 



An impactful way that the digital trends in education are reformulating is the adoption of the Internet of things by the students. Mobile technology, tablets and other devices offer various benefits to improve learning outcomes. Cloud-connected tools help the professors tap into students for much more personal attention, thus making the teaching process more productive.


Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented reality is essential for helping students process and recalls any complex subjects to offer a profound learning experience. For the STEM subjects, AR not only provides an engaging and accessible learning experience but also helps to reduce the need for any physical equipment and lab supplies. So, it saves money of the student and the institute.



The education sector is ranked the least secure in cybersecurity, with the high vulnerabilities that are present in application security, endpoint security and keeping software up to date. This particular area of digital transformation in education is the one where educators face enormous hurdles.


Personalized learning

Personalized learning helps the students to control different elements of their learning experience for a better and more productive education. The students can choose to learn the material in a way that they consider more effective for their learning style. Therefore, the students have more control over how they know and allowing themselves to work the way that they want. 


Artificial intelligence and big data

The educational institutes can focus closely on students through the collection of data and use artificial intelligence (AI) to target the students that are at risk. The AI grading program helps to remove the possibility of partiality when assessing performance, where the combination of data and AI help to match the students with the teachers who can fit their styles of learning. 


Benefits of digital transformation trends in education

Student performance tracking

Digital transformation brings a more practical approach to track the performance of the students. Technology plays a vital role to capture the details of a student’s work and helps the teachers and parents to keep monitoring the progress of the child.


Improved outcomes

Analytics can be leveraged by schools to track performance and improve the outcomes. By analyzing the collected data from the students, teachers can individually understand the children and the requirements of the classroom. The more precisely you get to know how a student misunderstands a concept, the more quickly you can help them course-correct.


Collaborative learning

Digital learning helps to power collaboration, and the learning platforms can make it easy for the teachers to create and manage groups. Different collaborative authoring environments like Twiddla, Google Docs etc. make it easy for the teams to co-author additional documents and presentations.


Future-focused curriculums

The schools can teach the curriculum of the future, and overwhelming evidence already shows that the shift in workforce needs is already underway and will continue to grow larger in the coming future. It will not take years for curriculum changes to develop and update.


The success story of digital transformation in education

Boston University is a very respectable Institute and its leaders Digital Learning and Innovation department to find new ways to educate. For the expansion of the concept of massive online open courses, the group created a Boston University MicroMasters program that is a combination of different classes that are delivered in a MOOC format. The MicroMasters offers remote access to Boston University courses at a lower cost, thus creating opportunities for students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to complete their graduate-level studies. These programs can also help the students demonstrate their strength for a traditional graduate program.



Several technologies are helpful in different fields to develop, grow and deliver high-quality services to the customers. You can take into consideration the advantages that these technologies and tools bring and make the best use of these for your purposes. It takes a long time to go digital, but the results that one can get are worth heading in this direction. Therefore, in order to survive the highly-competitive world, you quickly have to adjust to changes and keep your fingers on the digital transformation trends pulse.


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