What is a Dedicated Team Model and Benefits of Using it with CodeAseembly

What is a Dedicated Team Model and Benefits of Using it with CodeAssembly

#Dedicated Teams October 23rd, 2020

Outsourcing the projects to service companies is a growing business. In this regard, a dedicated team provides a vital role in outsourcing the work. A dedicated team is a client-service-provider relationship for outsourcing. It works by taking projects from clients and completes them in due course by utilizing specialists and professionals. The dedicated team model provides a number of benefits to clients, including cost-effectiveness, no need for hiring, flexibility, adaptability, and full control over the team. To set up a dedicated team, you have to go through various stages like taking project requirements, team selection, team integration, etc. Etc. Codeassembly is a trusted full-service software development partner that helps build and grow your business. A dedicated team with Codeassembly will help you carrying out numerous projects of software development in an effective and efficient manner. In this article, you will learn about a dedicated team, its working process, advantages, and how it is set up. Information on Codeassembly and outsourcing software development with its dedicated team are also covered.

What is a dedicated team?

A dedicated team model can be defined as a business model that applies to a client-service-provider relationship. The latter provides the customer with software developers on a long-term basis. It is a remote team from the other company involved in carrying out the project. In other words, one can say that a dedicated team is an independent body that has its management and its structures, not an expanded team model where the team is almost an extension of the main team.

In fact, a dedicated team entails hiring a full team in another organization for tasks/projects. This team consists of an entire team. This team is temporary and operates only for as long as possible. But they are only committed to the projects and jobs, which makes it convenient for them to hire a whole bunch of employees and to add/remove them. Simply put, the corporate solution to apps and web creation is a dedicated development team.

How does a dedicated team model work?

The dedicated team model carries out outsourcing functions to provide services to the client. It is better illustrated in various steps:

  • The customer must explain precisely what he desires. The customer must decide the number of employees needed for his project and their technical skills.
  • A dedicated team that meets project specifications is hired by the provider. The team and the client agree on the workload and project needs for the specified duration.
  • Experts are brought together into the team, and work begins daily.
  • The customer has a full project and team management power and committed team services to focus on achieving the best performance.


Why do we choose a dedicated team model?

There are a number of reasons for choosing a dedicated team model. We will discuss various benefits that clients get by outsourcing work by choosing a dedicated team model in the next paragraphs.

  • The dedicated team model is cost-effective.

One of the most significant advantages of choosing a dedicated team for outsourcing projects is its cost-effective feature. The figures differ, but the mean in-house rate is 70 dollars per hour, while the average outsourcing rate is 35 dollars per hour. However, you can find an outsourcing company that may be costly, but they can definitely achieve your in-house team’s quality can’t ever achieve.

  • Transparency in management and communication

Again, the dedicated team is like an internal team operating in a different workplace. You directly oversee them, and that requires much contact every day. You are less likely to miss something or to confuse something if there are no intermediaries in the process. Furthermore, you already know what your team is doing and where it is at the moment.

  • Task Focus, flexibility& Adaptability

The oriented approach is one of the main advantages of the dedicated team model. You have a squad without too much distraction at your disposal. Increased immersion in the project focuses on the subject, creating far more diversified and creative insights into potential solutions. It also improves the Adaptability considerably. The team DT model can be reconfigured to the current requirements and requirements at any level of the project.

Many considerations are at stake: implementation of technology, market success, budget restrictions, etc. They all have to be replied to promptly. This problem is greatly simplified due to the growing turnaround of the production. Although it is famous for agile systems, it is more complex dependent in the case of a committed team because there are more opportunities to test multiple solutions and take into account the best match.

  • No need for hiring

In a dedicated team outsourcing framework, you will typically select applicants from a pool of professionals provided by the outsourcing company. This helps you to access the abilities or skills that would otherwise have been difficult to locate. Although the dedicated team model allows you to participate in the contracting process, your task is to choose from the shortlist those that best suit the company values. You might also find a deep-seated team that has worked on a few previous projects if you are fortunate.

  • Full control over the management of the team

The customer gets total control of the selection, encouragement, and administration of individual team members. According to project demands, you can handle highly skilled and knowledgeable consultants, project managers, equipment, personnel, and facilities through the dedicated Team Model from CodeAssemby.

  • Talented and specialist team members

Each business has unique advantages and strengths, such as its product, its marketing strategy, its financial practices, etc. It is, therefore, very typical to be promising and effective in some ways for a company but have experts who are not trained or restricted in number. On the contrary, the strength of the companies providing dedicated teams depends on their specialists’ talent and experience. They collect the best of the best and don’t hesitate to share it with everyone around the world.

  • Quick process

More people working on a project are clearly doing it quicker, but not the only speed improvement we are speaking about. For example, DT agencies can hire and deliver these employees much more quickly than many businesses because this is the priority that they concentrate and specialize in during the year. Furthermore, the people making up the DT play a far more constructive role, partly because of their familiarity with similar collaborations and sprints and partly because both the supplier and the customer for whom they operate remain in charge.

  • Close collaboration between the client and the development team

The narrowing of the perspective is one of the critical problems of long-term ventures. The more you get into the proceedings, the less you grasp the big picture.  It does not only facilitate co-operation within the developer team but between the customer and the team, with a committed team model. This leads to more effective long-term planning. The team members are also more involved in the project, which helps to develop the workflows and brainstorm ideas and to analyze the process’s strong and weak points.

The good stuff comes from close coordination between the consumer and the production team. Thanks to everyday contact and management using online tools, for example, you get full control of the project with the dedicated team. The team and customer always find the best ways of overcoming difficulties and problems.

  • Continuous integration

To succeed greatly, the project will always develop – add a new function and refine the current features. For instance, with B2C eCommerce platforms, where UX is a crucial element and generates conversions, it is particularly relevant. A team model dedicated to projects does not involve growth and improvement over the years. Fundamentally, the team can be left intact, and the whole project can pass to a new level without having to scale the team and build another team to support it. The optimization of the product is another essential method. This necessity is necessary for the maintenance and development of the product because of emerging technology.

What is CodeAssemby?

Codeassembly is a full-service start-up development team. It is based in Kharkiv, Ukraine, with an R&D office and a sales and legal office in the UK. We are Software developers, engineers, designers, and quality assurance specialists. An amazing team with an exclusive set of skills, skills that make our workflow customer-focused, skills that bring a guaranteed result, always.

Codeassembly is a software development partner. We are a web and application development company that turns your ideas into a powerful driving force of your business. It is an onboard technical unicorn to deliver projects on time and maintain the top-notch code standards.

Our clients are big businesses enterprise-level, but we don’t like the approach of the dinosaur corporate style. Our approach is to bring freshness, start-up style, clean, fast, agile, high quality, results-based, dynamic.

Our services

Сode Assembly will cover all the technical side of your project and business so you can concentrate on what’s important for your company. Our expertise is to set up and build top quality software, engineering teams. We invest in organizational culture and create highly synergetic groups that become a natural part of the everyday work of the client.

  • UI/UX Design: Giving your project a user-friendly design, intuitive navigation, and an attractive and modern look.
  • Web Development: Building web solutions using technologies like PHP, Node, Go, Python, Vue, React.
  • Mobile Application: Developing mobile applications using Swift, Java, Kotlin, Flutter.
  • Quality Assurance: Making sure your product is bug-free, matches all the functional requirements, and is displayed correctly on all devices.
  • Project Management: Gathering and managing all the unicorns together and getting projects delivered (as promised, and the developers do concentrate on coding and less on management).
  • Software development: We offer software development services using different approaches depending on your unique project and idea. Either you are a well-established business or a start-up, we can find a way that will make a difference and help your business grow.

Why choose us

Codeassembly was created by professionals with an impressive background in different spheres, so we know and we took only the best practices.

  • More than ten years of proven experience
  • Always on time
  • A flexible and unique approach to every project
  • Delivering more than expected
  • Cost- efficient
  • High standards, innovativeness, and creativity

How can you set up a dedicated team? What’s included?

Once you have finalized the vendor, it is time to set up a dedicated team that will carry out projects of outsourcing. The most important steps in setting up a dedicated team are as follows:

  • Contacting the service provider

Inform the outsourcing company about the complexity of your projects, the structure and all the services needed for a variety of specialists and technical specifications.

  • Take requirements for the client

The very first step in setting up a dedicated team is gathering the project requirements. The process starts by taking your needs into account. These include a project overview, task requirements, team measurements, and the ideal workflow for your project to assemble the right professionals.

  • Building the team

You can recruit them immediately if you have unoccupied technology specialists currently in the interim projects. You will have to start a recruitment process that might take around a month if you don’t have the requisite professionals. But if you have to build a team quickly, you will have to access your partners’ talent pools, and in just one week, you will get the needed tech expert.

  • Shortlisting the candidates

The HR team reviews those applicants to learn their history, their technology, their level of English, and their soft skills in order to pick those that best fit the potential project. The client will have interviews with the shortlisted candidates later.

  • Team integration

The dedicated team is incorporated seamlessly and painlessly into the current project. The preferred management strategy and the tools that the team needs to use are open to the client. It would also be a big bonus if you were able to pay a personal visit to the devoted team. You won’t have to travel much, but first-hand co-operation with the team is essential to the growth of relationships.

  • The outcome

Much like your in-house team, you have the requisite experts to respond to you directly. The main difference is that the team functions remotely, and the manager for software outsourcing is responsible for administrative activities. 

How can a dedicated team with CodeAssembly help your business?

Codeassembly is a full-service start-up development team that helps you to that helps build and grow your business. We have a pool of talented and highly qualifies professional that will carry out your projects in an effective way. One can contact us for a dedicated team for various development and design task, including the following:

  • Web development: We have a pool of professional web developers and designers. One can contact us for a dedicated team for the development and designing of individual and business websites by using techniques like PHP, Node, Go, Python, etc.
  • UX/UI design: Codeassembly also provides a dedicated team for designing UX/XI. Our UI/UX experts provide high-quality and matchless UX/UI design to our clients from all over the globe.
  • Mobile application development: if you want a dedicated team that will help you to develop mobile applications using Swift, Java, Kotlin, Flutter, etc. then Codeassembly is the right place for you.
  • Quality Assurance: Codeassembly is the right place that provides dedicated teams for quality assurance services to clients.
  • Software development: Software development is another area where a client can hire Codeassembly for providing a dedicated team.
  • Project management: Dedicated team for project management tasks is also available at Codeassembly for a carrying out outsourcing projected related to project management.


In a nutshell, it can be concluded that a dedicated team is a team that is set up to carry out outsourcing project provided by the client.  It is a client-service provider relationship where the service provider performs the specific tasks given by the client. The dedicated team model gives you a lot of advantages but is not limited to low cost, full control, flexibility, and others. Setting up a dedicated team requires gathering requirements, team selection, and management, etc. Codeassembly is a software development partner and provides dedicated teams for outsourcing. One can hire a dedicated team from Codeassembly for software development, project management, UX/UI design

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